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Sorry I have not posted since week 1. I’m finding it difficult to find when the Soul are on TV. Take tonight, for instance, I had no idea they were on until I as flipping through channels. I caught them starting the second half.

Ok, my thoughts… (don’t worry, I only have two)

1) does anyone find it disturbing that Vena, the starting QB, is fatter then I am?

2) this defense is awful. We score the second most points in franchise history and only win by 14. How is this possible? This also tells me that the offense needs to be flawless to cover the defense.

3) (I lied sorry) where did they find Lou Tilly?


I just finished watching the Soul game from last night. I’m glad they are back. I had forgotten how easy it is to root for these guys. Their enthusiasm for the game is infectious and you can tell it starts with the owners.

Anyway, I have some criticisms (shocking…I know)

1) they said on the broadcast that the Power was the first team the Soul played against, meaning no scrimmages. It showed. It looked like they were meeting each other for the first time. Coach Ho, let’s not have a repeat of this, K?

2) play calling, specifically in the 4th with 30 seconds to play. Same play every time. Coach, who do you think you’re fooling every time you put Vena in? It would have been better had you held up a sign that said RUN THE BALL.

3) Mike Brown man did he look slow returning kickoffs and he got beat a couple times deep. I have a feeling he doesn’t make it the whole season.

4) Brackins when did he start dropping the ball?

5) Did anyone else notice that there were ALOT of empty seats? I don’t see a long tenure in Pittsburgh again.

Those are my criticisms. Looking forward to Chicago. GO SOUL!!!!

Courtesy of our friend, Kevin McGuire at Philly Soul Examiner

Couple of things I noticed;

1) No kicker (yeah, I know, obvious since Kevin pounds this home). I kinda like the idea of having a position player who can kick. I don’t know if such a person exists but it’s certainly intriguing to find out.

2) QB-Millicent Olawale did not make the team. We’ll have to keep an eye on him and see where he lands. I said before, I am not a fan of Vena. I remember him in ’08 with the Dragons. Horrible…horrible…horrible.

Official Soul Roster

I’ll read it tomorrow and give you my thoughts then.

There is a rather interesting bit about rookie kicker, Robbie Smith,  driving from WA to Philly for training camp. Problem is, they do not talk more about it. It’s a teaser that goes no where.

I finally got around to watching the Soul’s YouTube interviews and I can tell you that Bobby April’s was the most interesting interview. Duce’s interview was OK. The rest were pretty much a waste of time. Questions like “Anything you want to say to Soul fans?” “Looking forward to playing in front of Soul fans?” I mean, c’mon. What are they supposed to say? No, I’d rather be toiling around in my garden. I would have liked to have seen a question, like “How did the work stoppage effect you?” “Did you get your ring yet?” Something the fans would actually be interested in knowing.

With that said, some of the questions I liked were;

To Duce: “How would playing in the AFL effected your game?”

To Bobby April: “Who do you think is the most important player on special teams in the AFL?”

To Millicent Olawale: “How will your skill set translate to the Arena League?”

Watch out for this Olawale kid. I got a feeling about him. I think he beats out Vena. I don’t know much about Allsgood.

Looks like they are copying off of yours truly. Oh well…anyway, I like that they have all those Q&As. I’ll have to watch when I get a chance.

I like to see kids like this break the odds and make the team. Hopefully he does.

I got the link from our friend, Kevin McGuire at


Thanks dude

Larry “Boogie” Brackins is baaaaaaaaccccckkkkk!!!!!

According to the Soul’s website, they completed a trade for Mike Brown for future considerations from San Jose.