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I’ve been hearing fans talking about trading Chase Utley. I’m about 99.999999999% sure that this won’t happen but to speculate this is not that insane. Here are my reasons;

1) You can use his money to sign Werth, a right-handed hitter you need desperately.

2) You can replace him with Orlando Hudson (FA) or Dan Uggla (assuming he is a FA), both of whom put up similar numbers as Chase. Or do something radical like trading for David Wright and putting Polanco at 2nd.

3) His hip is not, has not, and never will be 100% since he had that surgery. In fact, his hip is just going to get worse. Rather trade him now while you can get something then when it’s to late.

4) His numbers have gone down the last 4 years and he’s 32 years old.

Reasons for keeping him;

1) Free agents look at Chase Utley and want to play with him

2) The fans will KILL you if you do


Talk to one of my bosses today and he had an interesting idea. Let Werth go. Sign Cliff Lee and Pat Burrell. Now you will have a 4 headed monster for pitching staff and then you can platoon Ibanez and Francisco in Left and Burrell and Brown in Right. This will allow the kids to sink or swim in the majors but not hurt you to much. It will also allow the veterans to get rest AND you will never have Burrell and Ibanez in the outfield together, making them the world’s slowest OF. Thoughts?

Now that I had some time to cool down, somewhat, I decided to write a post about my beloved Phillies.

I can’t believe we lost. We had the better pitching. We had the better defense. We had the better offense. We had home field advantage. How in God’s name did we lose? Simple truth is, the Giants wanted it more. The Phillies played this series like all they had to do was show up and they would win. Probably would have been true if not for Cody Fucking Ross, who’s a free agent by the way (wink wink).

The pitching for the Phillies was fine in this series. I’m not even going to bother talking about it. However, the offense and defense was abysmal. How does your 4 hole hitter hit .310 and have 4 doubles and end up with no RBIs for the series? People, that’s really fucking hard to do. And no, it’s not his fault. It was Victorino’s, Polanco’s, and Utley’s fault. They batted a combined .156. Jimmy barely showed up. In fact, if it wasn’t for his mouth, I would have sworn he didn’t play, which, in retrospect, would probably have been better. Exxon was pretty clutch this year. He had this tendency to come up with a big hit every now and then.

Should be an interesting off-season though. My guess is that the Phillies are going to raise payroll and ticket prices. We’re already at $143 million for 2011, with a budget of about $150 million. Jayson Werth is a free agent, the only notable one, and my guess is he’s going to get a huge payday the Phillies can not or will not attempt to come close to. Shot in the dark here, but watch out for Cliff Lee, I have this feeling he’ll be wearing red pinstripes again.


Peace out!!!


P.S. My playoff beard is down the drain.

This game was atrocious last night. No other way to say it. I still have faith that we will pull this out because we have 3 aces facing the Giants a second time around, plus 2 of the 3 games will be in Philly. With that said, if I’m GM Rueben Amaro, Jr, I’m taking a looooonnnnngggg look at my core guys. Specifically, Chase Utley and Jimmy Rollins.

Lets start with Jimmy – He can not hit from the left side. I don’t know if it’s injury or because he’s lost it or what but he needs to stop switch hitting. He also really needs to stop swinging long ball every friggin’ at-bat. You all know what I am talking about. I think it was the 8th inning, Werth just tied the game up with a double and no one out. Jimmy steps up, and pops out to short. What the hell was he thinking? First off, if you are swinging in that situation, you need to pull the ball to get the runner to third. Secondly, YOU BUNT IN THAT SITUATION!!!! Listening to WIP this morning, Ricky Bottalico gave it a good term “his glory swing”. In other words, Jimmy was not thinking about the team. Jimmy was thinking about Jimmy.

Chase – This is going to be much shorter. Promise. Chase had surgery 2 seasons ago for a hip flexor thingymabob. We all know that. It was well reported. In fact, he played with it for most of the season. What was under-reported is that with these surgeries the hip does not heal 100%. At best, you get 90% of what it once was. It’s also degenerative, meaning that his hip is going to get worse, not better. So the Phillies need to do one of two things; 1) Get a decent backup and sit Chase once or twice a week, whether he likes it or not; or 2) Trade him. Trade him now while you can get something for him. Don’t let this linger.