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I finally got around to watching the Soul’s YouTube interviews and I can tell you that Bobby April’s was the most interesting interview. Duce’s interview was OK. The rest were pretty much a waste of time. Questions like “Anything you want to say to Soul fans?” “Looking forward to playing in front of Soul fans?” I mean, c’mon. What are they supposed to say? No, I’d rather be toiling around in my garden. I would have liked to have seen a question, like “How did the work stoppage effect you?” “Did you get your ring yet?” Something the fans would actually be interested in knowing.

With that said, some of the questions I liked were;

To Duce: “How would playing in the AFL effected your game?”

To Bobby April: “Who do you think is the most important player on special teams in the AFL?”

To Millicent Olawale: “How will your skill set translate to the Arena League?”

Watch out for this Olawale kid. I got a feeling about him. I think he beats out Vena. I don’t know much about Allsgood.


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