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Now that I had some time to cool down, somewhat, I decided to write a post about my beloved Phillies.

I can’t believe we lost. We had the better pitching. We had the better defense. We had the better offense. We had home field advantage. How in God’s name did we lose? Simple truth is, the Giants wanted it more. The Phillies played this series like all they had to do was show up and they would win. Probably would have been true if not for Cody Fucking Ross, who’s a free agent by the way (wink wink).

The pitching for the Phillies was fine in this series. I’m not even going to bother talking about it. However, the offense and defense was abysmal. How does your 4 hole hitter hit .310 and have 4 doubles and end up with no RBIs for the series? People, that’s really fucking hard to do. And no, it’s not his fault. It was Victorino’s, Polanco’s, and Utley’s fault. They batted a combined .156. Jimmy barely showed up. In fact, if it wasn’t for his mouth, I would have sworn he didn’t play, which, in retrospect, would probably have been better. Exxon was pretty clutch this year. He had this tendency to come up with a big hit every now and then.

Should be an interesting off-season though. My guess is that the Phillies are going to raise payroll and ticket prices. We’re already at $143 million for 2011, with a budget of about $150 million. Jayson Werth is a free agent, the only notable one, and my guess is he’s going to get a huge payday the Phillies can not or will not attempt to come close to. Shot in the dark here, but watch out for Cliff Lee, I have this feeling he’ll be wearing red pinstripes again.


Peace out!!!


P.S. My playoff beard is down the drain.

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